3 recipes for hot sandwiches for a snack. Fast and tasty!

Student snack or snack for lazy people – call it what you want. The essence will not change. Although the recipe is simple, hot sandwiches with melted hard cheese and sausage will always be filling, tasty and sweet to the heart. This is probably one of the fastest ways to have breakfast, dinner or just a snack.

We will buy and prepare all the few ingredients for making hot sandwiches.

Let’s start with bread. Although the snack is simple, it requires a careful selection of products. It is best to use a baguette or loaf as a base. Ordinary bread will be too dense, and the bun will be too soft. Cut the selected bread into slices no more than 1 centimeter wide. Heat a pan with oil and fry the slices until golden brown on both sides. Watch the amount of butter: if there is too much, the pieces of bread will become greasy and too soft. After frying, it is recommended to spread the slices on a paper towel: this way we will get rid of excess oil.

Before cooking, you should cut the cheese and sausage in advance. Sausage is better to take raw or smoked, you can also use sausages. Choose a fairly hard cheese: then it will not lose its taste during the melting process. When one side of the bread is toasted, turn the slice over with a spatula and place pieces of sausage and cheese on it. Cover the pan with a lid, but not for long. During this time, the cheese should melt, and the bread should not yet be saturated with moisture.

When the hot sausage and cheese sandwich looks like the photo below, it is ready. Ready sandwiches can be served hot with tea or as a snack with cold drinks.

2. Hot sandwiches in a pan with pieces of fried spinach and mozzarella cheese.

Thanks to the combination of spinach and processed cheese, sandwiches in a pan turn out to be very tender and creamy to the taste. They are ideal as a side dish for beef or pork, emphasizing and diluting the rich taste of the meat.

Special attention should be paid to bread: it must be made of wheat flour with a crispy crust. In this case, after frying, the surface of the slices will become even more crispy, and the inner part, on the contrary, will be soft and airy.

We heat a pan with half a tablespoon of vegetable oil, with the help of a press we squeeze a peeled clove of garlic onto it for aroma.

Chop fresh or frozen spinach a little and add to the pan.

Fry the spinach over medium heat until all the excess water has evaporated, add salt and pepper to taste, stirring constantly.

We cut the buns of the appropriate size and shape strictly in the middle.

Grate part of the cheese on a coarse grater and spread the shavings on the lower parts of the buns.

Spread a layer of previously prepared spinach on top of the cheese, sprinkle it with chopped hot pepper or paprika. Spread a layer of grated cheese on top of the spinach. Cover the sandwich with the other half of the bun.

We heat up a slightly dry frying pan and put future hot sandwiches on its bottom, fry them for not too long on each side. You can also install a press on top, but it is not necessary.

When the buns are sufficiently toasted, remove the pan from the heat. Cut the finished sandwiches in half diagonally, like sandwiches.

Hot sandwiches in a pan are ready. The tastiest of all is processed cheese and spinach combined with spicy sauce.

3. Hot sandwiches in the oven.

Today we will prepare this hearty and tasty snack with pieces of turkey, sausages and mushrooms.

The secret of juicy and at the same time crispy bread lies in the sauce: we will prepare it ourselves. Mayonnaise is often used for such sandwiches. The sauce made from sour cream and spices will be less fatty and high in calories.

In the recipe, we will use fresh tomatoes, but they can be replaced with cucumbers or green salad leaves. Fried slices of bread with fresh, cold salad leaves will be very tasty.

We will prepare all the necessary ingredients.

To prepare the sauce, we will need to mix sour cream, mustard and spices to taste. You can experiment in every way and add various spices as you wish.

We will cut the miniature baguettes in half, we should already have the other bread in the form of slices. Such sandwiches will look diverse and interesting. Fill the surface of each piece of bread with sour cream with spices in an even layer.

Wash the champignons under running water and cut them into neat pieces, spread them on some slices of bread. Cut the sausage into rings and spread on top of the remaining part of the bread. For the last pieces, we use chopped turkey. Place all the slices on a baking sheet.

Wash the tomatoes, cut them into small pieces and put them on top of the meat and mushrooms. At this stage, you can sprinkle various spices on the sandwiches, which, thanks to the texture of the tomatoes, will retain their taste after baking.

Place thinly sliced ​​pieces of hard cheese on top of the tomatoes. You can also grate cheese on a coarse grater and sprinkle it on sandwiches.

We heat the oven to 240 degrees and send the sandwiches to bake for 5 minutes.

Remove the tray from the oven, let the sandwiches cool, put them on separate plates, decorate with greens and serve. Hot sandwiches in the oven are ready.

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