A delicious dinner for the family – a recipe with a photo

Today is a recipe for a simple, very tasty and at the same time elegant holiday dish that can be prepared for lunch, dinner or served on the holiday table. You will definitely surprise your family and friends with such a dish.

potato – 8 pc.;
cabbage – 0,5 head;
minced meat – 1 kg;
onion – 1 pcs.;
egg – 1 pc.;
salt, pepper, spices;
breadcrumbs – 1 tbsp. l.;
garlic – 2 cloves.

To fill:
sour cream – 200 ml;
eggs – 2 pcs.;
salt pepper;
tomato paste – 1 tbsp. L.;
Sire – 200

The process of preparing dinner for the whole family.

Add chopped onion to the minced meat. Minced meat can be used absolutely any. Here we add eggs and grind garlic, paprika, salt to taste, pepper and I add my favorite homemade dried spices, add breadcrumbs.

Form meatballs from minced meat.

Grease the form in which our dish will be baked with vegetable oil. Now we chop the cabbage right into this form (this is for the amateur, you can not add cabbage).

Line the sides and bottom of the mold with potatoes. Salt and pepper.

Lay out the meatballs and now separate each cutlet with a piece of potato.

Let’s prepare the filling. Add eggs, salt and tomato paste (if desired) to sour cream, mix everything well. We pour our dish, cover it with foil and send it to the oven heated to 180 degrees for 1 hour.

10 minutes before the end of readiness, take it out and, if desired, cover it with hard cheese.

We send it back to the oven until a ruddy crust forms. That’s all.

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