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Today I will tell you how to cook apple jam according to a simple recipe.

2 kg of apples;
2 medium oranges;
1 kg of sugar;
1-1,5 cups of water.

The amount of sugar depends on how sour the apples are. I had the white pour variety, it’s quite sweet, but I still took more sugar than usual. I just love it when the jam is very sweet.

How to make jam from apples.

So, first wash the apples, then cut them in half, remove the seeds and cut them into small pieces. As for whether to peel or not, that’s your choice. The taste will not change from this, but I usually remove it so that the jam turns out to be more delicate.

Put the sliced ​​apples in a pan.

Peel the oranges, cut them into thin strips and add them to the apples. You can also add a few pieces of the orange itself.

I have two pans in the photo. I also added a little cinnamon to the smaller one, for flavor and taste.

Then pour some water into both pans, add all the sugar (don’t forget the ratio of apples to sugar 2:1) and put on medium heat.

Cook, stirring constantly, until all the sugar has dissolved. Then bring to a boil, put on low heat and continue to cook, stirring every 4-5 minutes.

The jam will be ready when it becomes thick enough not to spread on the plate (as in the case of apricot jam). This may take 30 to 40 minutes.

When the apple jam is thick enough, pour it into sterilized jars, wrap it and put it on the floor to cool. When it cools down, move it to the basement or cellar (any dry and not warm place).

That’s all. As you can see, cooking apple jam is quite simple. It turns out to be very tasty, and especially fragrant, if you add cinnamon or vanilla. In general, try to experiment.

What is apple jam useful for?

Apples are endowed with a huge number of useful properties, and each variety of apples has a different number of these properties. But the main vitamins are group A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E, PP, P, K1, and folic acid. Perhaps, in terms of useful properties, apples are inferior to some fruits, but thanks to their availability and long storage, they are a frequent guest in every family.

Apples also contain antibiotic ingredients. The chemical composition of apples is very different, but vitamins C and P are found in each variety and have a beneficial effect on improving metabolism and improving blood circulation. Also, organic salts in apples are very useful for diabetes, diathesis, remove excess salts and help with gout.

It is especially useful to eat apples in winter, when a person eats a lot of meat and fish, which is why the body releases harmful acidic metabolic products that have a very bad effect on brain cells. Potassium is found in apples.

There are different ways of preparing apples: they are frozen, dried. They make compote, jam, jam, marmalade, and bake. Apple jam is considered the tastiest way to store delicacies.

Apple jam is famous not only for its excellent taste and easy preparation, but also for its special usefulness. In fact, apple jam is the simplest and most common way of preserving fruit. There are special recipes for making jam, but pale yellow or completely colorless jam is considered the correct color, since vitamins C and P are destroyed with a darker color.

For a special enrichment of apple jam with vitamin C, rose hips are added, which only improves the taste and benefits. When preparing jam, it is better to add fructose or sorbitol instead of sugar, then people with diabetes will be able to enjoy this product. But it is also important to know that sorbitol has no preservative properties, so the jam can play.

It has been scientifically proven that by eating two or more apples every day, the level of cholesterol in the blood was significantly reduced. But apple pectins affect not only cholesterol reduction, they remove harmful and bactericidal substances from the body. In everyday life, apples are also used for colds.

An apple diet is recommended for people with cardiovascular diseases and anemia, because the fruit contains a lot of P, iron and potassium. The content of useful properties in this fruit is quite large, probably based on its usefulness, people have come up with so many ways of cooking and eating apples.

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