Apple jam in a slow cooker – recipe.

There has not been such a harvest of apples for a long time. Therefore, in recent days there has been an intensified “struggle with the harvest”. If you can just put the berries in a bowl, cover them with sugar, and after a while, as soon as the juice appears, you can make jam. It’s not that simple with apples.

The preparatory stage takes a lot of time, and you also have to cook. I decided for myself: I cook apples only in a slow cooker.

apples 1 kg;
granulated sugar 1 kg;
water 1 glass.

Cooking time: it is even difficult to calculate, the time of preparation of apples is at least 40-50 minutes, the first cooking of apples without sugar is about an hour, the second cooking with sugar is 50 minutes, in total – a little less than three hours. But everyone has slow cookers with different characteristics. And the speed of preparation of apples is also different.

We are preparing jam from apples.

I washed the apples, and left them in a colander for a while to drain the water.

As soon as the apples dried a little, I cut them in half and removed the core. Then I cut all the halves into thin slices.

I transferred the obtained particles to the bowl of the multicooker, added water.

I closed the lid. Many slow cookers have a special “jam” function. Unfortunately, I don’t have such a function, so I set it to the “baking” mode. I have already adapted to do it in this mode.

The time is set automatically. As soon as the first cooking cycle passed and the multicooker turned off, carefully opened it.

Mix the sugar well with a special spatula.

As soon as the sugar has dissolved a little in the mass of boiled apples, I put it on another cycle of cooking on the same mode.

The second time cooking takes less time. An interesting fact is that with this cooking method there is absolutely no foam. While the jam is cooking, I sterilized the jars.

As soon as the cooking process was over, I opened the multicooker and left the jam to cool for a long time, overnight.

Pour the cooled jam into prepared jars.

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