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August is rightfully considered the apple season, when there is often an unprecedented harvest of juicy, fragrant fruits, and not everyone knows where to plant such a quantity. That’s when numerous recipes for making apple jam come to the rescue, many of which are so successful that they are passed down from generation to generation.

It is recognized as the most delicious and very beautiful apple jam slices, which turns out to be almost transparent. Not only adults are delighted with such apple jam, but also children – they really like to put apple slices on a bun with butter or just eat it in a bite with warm tea.

1 kg of sweet apples, preferably small in size;
50 g of lingonberries;
1 kg of sugar;
1 glass of water (maybe more, it all depends on the juiciness of the apples).

How to make apple jam in slices.

1. Choose apples without defects, wash them thoroughly and cut out the core with a special knife.

2. Cut the prepared apples into thin circles.

3. Cover with sugar and leave for a day so that the apples release juice.

4. After a day, they will look like this.

5. Add water so that all the apples are immersed in the liquid.

6. Put the apple slices on the fire and bring to a boil (but do not boil).

7. Leave for 5-6 hours until completely cooled. We repeat points 6 and 7 once more.

8. Now add the washed lingonberry slices to the apple jam and cook until ready.

9. Pour the cooled apple jam into a prepared jar (thoroughly washed with baking soda, scalded with boiling water and necessarily dried).

10. Here is such a beautiful, and most importantly, delicious apple jam with lingonberries.

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