Apricot jam for the winter.

Apricots contain beta-carotene, many vitamins, as well as pectins, which remove harmful substances from the body. Fruits are mainly eaten raw, apricot juice is very useful. However, apricots make amazingly tasty jams, compotes and preserves. There are many recipes for making apricot jam. We will describe in detail how to make apricot jam (recipe with photo) below.

apricots – 1 kg;
sugar – 800 g;
water – 1/2 cup.

How to make jam from apricots.

Wash the apricots thoroughly.

Divide the apricots into two parts and carefully remove the pits. You can not remove the seeds from the apricots, then you need to store less jam. Without bones, it is stored a little longer. Whole apricots can also be blanched before cooking and then carefully peeled off. So the taste of the jam will be without bitterness and pieces of skin, and the apricots will be whole and neat.

Then prepare the dishes for cooking the jam. Put the apricots in it and add the required amount of water. Cook the apricots until they are soft, and do not add the sugar all at once. It should be put in jam in small portions.

The last part of the sugar should completely dissolve in the syrup. Do not forget to stir the mass sometimes.

The last time the jam is cooked for ten minutes, and then it must be removed from the stove and cooled. After that, leave the syrup in the dish, and remove all the apricots with a slotted spoon. Pass them through a sieve, you can through a colander. Do the same with the remaining syrup. As a result, the finished jam will be amber-caramel in color, without skins, and a homogeneous mass.

After that, place it again in a deep container and put it on fire (medium power). Bring all this mass to a boil again, and after that you can pour it into jars. Close the apricot jam tightly with lids and put it in the right place.

Now you know how to make apricot jam.

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