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Wash the apricots, wipe them, remove the stones. It can be made from halves or cut.

Put the apricots in the bowl of the multicooker, cover the apricots with sugar, add lemon juice, mix and set the baking or extinguishing mode for 60 minutes. If you are cooking on the baking sheet, do not close the lid! If you are cooking on fire, you can cook with the lid closed.

After 50 minutes, the jam should be ready. The time may vary depending on the model of the multi. The first 15-20 minutes you need to stir periodically, the last 10-15 minutes stir constantly, otherwise it will burn.

Pour the finished jam into prepared sterilized jars, roll up or screw on the prepared lids, turn over and leave to cool.

For beauty and taste, you can put apricot kernels in jars, but before adding them, you need to try them, so you come across varieties with tasteless kernels. You can also add almonds.

When preparing jam in a multicooker, you need to take into account its volume and put it no more than 14 from it, otherwise the jam will curdle.

Sugar can also be added to taste, such proportions do not turn out to be wildly sweet jam. If you take halves of apricots or carefully remove the stone so that the fruit remains whole, then you will have a good amber jam.

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