Azu in Tatar – a recipe for cooking a dish.

I discovered this dish about a year ago, when I wanted to try to cook something new, unusual, to diversify the already banal menu. At first, my husband was against experiments, especially against mixing meat and pickles, but I persuaded him to try it. He even really liked it, asked for supplements and now asks me to cook this dish at least once a week.

This dish is prepared very simply, the most common products that will always be found in the refrigerator. And it turns out incredibly tasty. Meat with pickles gives such a piquant taste that cannot be compared with anything else. So, hostesses, write down the recipe as soon as possible and go to the kitchen to create miracles. Believe me, Azu will not leave anyone in your family indifferent.

500 g of pork (clean fillet);
1 medium onion;
1 large clove of garlic (or 2 small);
1 medium carrot;
1 pickled cucumber;
8-10 medium potatoes;
sunflower oil (for frying);
2-3 tablespoons of ketchup (preferably different);
salt and pepper to taste;
1/3 teaspoon of mustard.

Step-by-step preparation of Tatar azu.

Wash the meat and put it to defrost, if from the refrigerator. If fresh, even better. It is preferable to take small pieces, so it is easier to cut.

Cut it into small thin strips, preferably along the grain. Thus, it will be less rigid.

Put it in a cauldron or goosehouse, pour vegetable oil, mix and put it on fire to fry. Do not forget to stir from time to time so that it does not burn.

At this time, we prepare vegetables. Cut the onion into medium cubes, try not to chop too much.

Grate the garlic on a coarse grater. It is possible on a small one, it all depends on your preferences. The main thing is that the taste will not change much.

We also grate carrots. If you like cubes, no one will forbid you.

Next, we take a pickle. Personally, I cut it finely, into small cubes, but you can cut it however you like. You can use rings, half rings. If you don’t want to chew it while eating, you can also grate it. The main thing is not to pour out the juice that will flow during cutting, it has a great taste. Sometimes I even add a little bit of brine from the can.

When the meat is completely whitened and slightly fried, sprinkle it with mustard, cover it completely with water, cover it with a lid and simmer it over low heat for at least an hour, and maybe an hour and a half. The main thing is to constantly monitor the water level and, if necessary, add water.

While the meat is stewing, peel the potatoes. We remove eyes and other defects. It is better to take an oblong potato, so it is more convenient to cut it.

Cut into strips, as for ordinary frying. Pour oil into the bottom of the pan and pour the potatoes. The oven should be turned on when the meat has been stewed for at least an hour.

Let’s not forget about our set of vegetables, which it’s time to add to the meat. Together we got: onion, garlic, carrot, pickled cucumber, here we add 2-3 tablespoons of ketchup. I always take two different ones, regular tomato or barbecue and spicy, like chili. I lightly sprinkle with black pepper.

As soon as the potatoes are turned on to fry, immediately salt the meat and add vegetables to it. Make sure that there is water, if not – add a little. The vegetable set also needs to sweat well.

Lightly salt the potatoes and fry them until they are nicely browned. In time, it takes 20-25 minutes, it all depends on the oven.

Turn off the heat on both burners and put the potatoes in the cauldron, next to the meat and vegetables. If you do not want the dish to turn out greasy, take the potatoes with a spoon without grabbing the oil from the pan. If you’re a fan of fatty foods, go with butter. Carefully mix everything. It turns out our azu of a pleasant color, very beautiful in appearance and amazing in taste.

Enjoy your taste!

Pay attention when preparing food.

– When salting both potatoes and meat, do not overdo it. Do not forget that your cucumber is already salty.

— This amount of products is calculated for 4-5 servings. Do more or less is your personal choice.

– Don’t be afraid to cook a lot, it’s better to have leftovers than not enough. Even on the second and third day, azu remains very tasty.

– Likewise, you yourself can diversify the presence of vegetables to your taste, for example, someone does not like carrots or onions, someone garlic, or is allergic to them in general. Please do not add. The main ingredient here is pickled cucumber. Without it, it will be ordinary potatoes with meat.

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