Baked apples with honey and nuts. Super dessert recipe

medium apples – 4 pcs.;
walnuts – 20 g;
raisins – 40 g;
honey – 2 full tbsp. L.;
cinnamon – 0,5 tsp.

Apples baked with honey and nuts in the oven are a taste of childhood. This is an incredibly tasty dessert for both adults and children. We are preparing a delicious and healthy dessert – baked apples with honey and nuts in the oven.

Almost all varieties are suitable for apples baked in the oven. Nothing limits us. So choose your favorite variety or bake several different ones at once.

The process of cooking apples in the oven with honey and nuts.

  1. Start heating the oven. Set to 180 degrees with up-down heating.

Wash all the apples thoroughly and dry them with a paper towel, and then cut a “cap” with a tail from each piece. Set the top of the apple aside and remove all the nests from the center of the apples. You can do this with a small knife or special tool.

Advice: the raisins can easily be replaced with dried cranberries and the walnuts with pecans. You can use any liquid honey or syrup, for example, maple.

Cooking time: 40 minutes
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Kitchen: Ukrainian
Description: Baked apples with honey and nuts – recipe with step-by-step photos

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