Bean, green onion and carrot salad recipe with photo

I often cook this salad – it’s delicious and easy to prepare. I make a large bowl, and when dinner time comes, I divide it into two parts – one for myself with vegetable oil (I prefer olive or sesame), and for my husband, I add lean ham to the salad and dress it with mayonnaise. otherwise, he refuses to eat beans and carrots)))

I cook this all the time. Only I cook more beans, instead of green onions I have leeks. They are still warm, it is a side dish. And before that I make some kind of salad.

Stepan :
just super

  • French toast
  • Buckwheat soup with mushrooms and potato dumplings
  • Snack “Bells”
  • Pumpkin puree soup with ginger
  • “Linivtsi” sandwiches

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