Bean salad Instant recipe with photo

The salad is excellent, I don’t want to fix anything in it, it’s very tasty and hearty. The only remark is that pretzels are a rather harmful product, but despite their harmfulness, I love them very much. You can safely put the salad on the table even for guests, it is so delicious, and you can decorate it with greens and curly vegetables.

Galina Stakhiv :

If desired, you can add home-made crackers seasoned with spices and garlic passed through a press to the salad.

For example, it seems to me that a salad can be prepared without croutons at all, and as for garlic, I completely agree with you, Halyna, it will give the salad a unique piquancy. I would also replace mayonnaise with oil, I generally try not to use it in food, well, as they say, who likes what.

Tried to take uncanned beans. I bought it on the market and cooked it so that it was not overcooked and looked like it was “alive”. It turned out no less tasty. I also replaced champignons several times with chanterelles and assorted mushrooms. Most of all, I liked the assortment. The recipe is easy and tasty. It is prepared quickly and everything is eaten quickly!

I also boiled the beans, added fried champignons with onions, boiled chicken. My mother-in-law liked it. I’m excited. Thank you for the recipe

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