Beijing cabbage salad with ham » Culinary recipes of dishes with photos. home cuisine

A small head of Beijing cabbage;
A small fresh cucumber;
250 g of ham (or boiled sausage);
hard cheese (about 100 g);
Salt to taste, pepper.

Method of cooking:
Shred the Beijing cabbage not very thinly. Chop a little. Wash the cucumber, dry it, cut it into strips.

Cut the ham, as well as the cucumber, into thin strips. Put everything in a bowl and grate the cheese. Add salt to taste, but if the mayonnaise is salty, do not add salt. Pepper and mix.

If desired, you can add several hard-boiled and chopped eggs. Dress the salad from Beijing cabbage with ham and cheese, mayonnaise, mix and put in a salad bowl. And if desired, decorate with greens.

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