Beijing salad – a recipe for cooking a dish with a photo.

This is a salad from Chinese cuisine, but adapted for our tastes. Beijing salad is prepared here, probably in almost all establishments with Chinese cuisine. It is even one of the first on the menu, because I order it for almost any feast. This is such a basic salad that is loved by many. And it is one of the most inexpensive, as the ingredients are very simple. And at the same time very tasty!

And it is also very easy and quick to prepare. It is suitable both for the festive table and on weekdays. I treat you and invite you to cook!

funchose noodles (about 100 g in dry form);
1 fresh carrot;
1 fresh cucumber;
about 75 ml of soy sauce;
1 clove of garlic (optional).

We are preparing Beijing salad.

Funchose noodles can be found in departments with products for Chinese cuisine, for sushi, etc. It is quite inexpensive. It is thin, long, white, sold in the form of twisted “skeins” in bundles. And in its finished form, funchose becomes transparent. It is made from the starch of some Chinese beans (not from rice), it has a neutral taste.

I have 150 g of noodles in a pack, which is 5 “skeins” of 30 g each. I take 3 “skeins”, that is, 90 g. This amount is suitable for one long, large cucumber and one carrot.

Pour funchoza with boiling water for 3 minutes, then drain the water. Noodles cook very quickly, do not keep them in boiling water for more than 3-4 minutes.

I also advise you to cut the noodles directly in the salad bowl with kitchen scissors, so that it is easier to eat the salad later (the noodles are very long). But in restaurants, of course, they don’t do that.

Choose a cucumber and a carrot of approximately the same size, it is desirable that they are large and even, so that it is more convenient to grate them. Wash and clean the carrot, wash the cucumber and cut off the “tails”.

Next, we rub the vegetables on a carrot grater in the Korean way to get thin, long straws.

We put the vegetables on top of the funchose.

Season with soy sauce. I have about 75 ml, but the amount is approximate, because each time the carrot and cucumber are slightly different in size, you may need a slightly different amount of sauce.

It is not necessary to add salt, as the soy sauce is quite salty. If desired, you can squeeze out a clove of garlic, but I have soy sauce already with garlic. Mix the salad. We try to see if we need to add sauce. It is better to let the salad stand for about 10 minutes so that all the ingredients are absorbed.

Good taste to all! This is a very simple salad, but so delicious! Combines with any hot dish, suitable as a side dish, very tasty on its own.

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