Bird s milk. Bird s milk recipe.

My family really likes “bird’s milk” candies. Traditionally, we buy them before the New Year and eat them during the New Year holidays. “Why not cook them yourself?” – I thought and not so long ago I put this idea into practice. The recipe only seems laborious, but in fact it is simple, especially if you like and know how to cook protein custard, as well as butter cream with condensed milk.

egg white – 3 pc.;
citric acid – 0,5 teaspoon;
water – 160 ml;
sugar – 180 g;
gelatin – 20 g;
condensed milk – 100 g;
butter – 130 g;
cocoa – 2 tbsp. L.;
chocolate – 100 g;
vanillin – a pinch;
salt – a pinch;
milk – 2 tsp.

Preparation of bird’s milk.

To begin with, we will prepare the gelatin – fill it with water, namely – 100 ml of the above quantity. Gelatin should swell.

In the meantime, let’s prepare the first of the creams included in the composition of “bird’s milk”. It was probably prepared by any housewife at least once in her life to spread the cake. Put the softened butter in a bowl – 100 g of the total amount.

We begin to beat it until it brightens and becomes more lush.

Then we gradually begin to pour oil and condensed milk in a thin stream, continuing to beat the mass. It will take 2 minutes to work with a mixer.

This is the consistency of our cream.

And now let’s deal with custard protein cream, which is also called Italian meringue. First, boil the syrup. Pour sugar into the pan.

Pour the remaining 60 ml of water and put the mixture on the stove over medium heat. We wait until it boils.

You need to put the egg whites in a bowl and add a little salt so that they beat better. There are many tips, if you don’t follow them, the squirrels will never get together. To be honest, I can’t remember a case when the whites didn’t turn out for me, despite the fact that the eggs were both from the refrigerator and at room temperature, particles of the yolk got into the white, and I never wiped the dishes and the beaters of the mixer from fat and water. The result was always positive.

When the syrup has boiled, start beating the egg whites to a stable foam. First, beat at a low speed, and when foam begins to form, it’s time to gradually increase the speed, up to the maximum.

Gradually, the protein mass will increase in volume.

At the very end, the whisk will leave behind a non-swimming trace. If the egg whites no longer fall out of the bowl when flipped, then you have beaten them well enough.

And this is what the same “stable peaks” look like.

When the syrup boils, you need to reduce the heat to the minimum possible, but so that the boiling does not stop.

Somewhere on the 5th minute after the syrup has boiled, you need to add citric acid to it.

Gradually the syrup begins to thicken.

You can check the readiness of the syrup with a kitchen thermometer — the temperature should reach 116 degrees. If you don’t have it, like I do, then check it by doing the “soft ball” test: drop a drop of syrup into a bowl of ice water.

We try to roll a ball out of it with our fingers.

If the drop blurs, it means the syrup is still undercooked, if the syrup turns into caramel in the water, it means it is overcooked. It is important not to miss this moment. On average, it is ready for me in 10 minutes.

Now, while continuing to beat the whites, we begin to pour the syrup into them little by little, in a thin trickle. It is better to resort to someone’s help, extra hands will not hurt in this matter. We pour it and immediately beat it in this place with a mixer. But it is better not to pour on the crowns themselves – the syrup may splash if the walls of the dishes are not high.

At first, the whites will become thicker. However, gradually they will be brewed, and the mass will become denser, it will be enough – it will be noticeable, you will definitely notice.

Beat the cream until it cools down to room temperature.

Gelatin should be dissolved by the end of whipping the mass. Put it in a metal bowl on the stove and stir until it dissolves completely. However, I note that it cannot be allowed to boil, otherwise it will lose all its jelly properties.

It should be slightly cooled. Now pour the gelatin into the protein mass in a thin stream.

The cream will become more liquid.

The next step is to transfer the butter cream into the protein cream little by little, continuing to beat the mass.

We get a mass of the consistency of low-fat sour cream.

I decided to make some of the candies chocolate, so I added cocoa to 1/4 of the mixture.

We beat everything again.

For hardening, you can use a silicone mold – it is easiest to make a souffle from it. You can take any other suitable shape and cover it with cling film, paper or foil. Pour the mass into molds.

We send the forms to the refrigerator to harden for about 2 hours.

To prepare the chocolate glaze, place a bar of dark chocolate in a bowl and place it in a water bath.

And add a piece of butter – 30 g.

I diluted the mixture with milk, because the consistency of the glaze turned out to be too thick – it will be difficult to apply. But it is very individual and depends on your chocolate.

This is what we should get – a smooth, moderately thick mass.

The souffle has hardened. The chocolate glaze must be cooled so that it does not melt our soufflé, but it should not be brought to room temperature either – it will begin to thicken and it will be difficult to apply it.

Cover the souffle evenly with the glaze.

Previously, I tried to completely cover the souffle with chocolate, like in store-bought “bird’s milk” candies, but I found this option too sweet and time-consuming. And the souffle is too delicate, it can be damaged by excessive manipulations, and the appearance of the dessert when served will suffer from this.

If desired, you can make 2 times more glaze, apply it to the bottom of the molds, let it harden in the refrigerator, then pour out the souffle and pour the glaze on top. So, let’s send the forms to the refrigerator again until the chocolate on the candies completely hardens. We take out the forms from the refrigerator. Carefully remove the candy mass from the molds, pulling it out by the edges of the foil. It stands out perfectly.

Cut the layer into candies. They taste very tender, airy. The chocolate “bird” is denser and less porous due to cocoa.

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