Black rowan jam for the winter. Jam recipe with photo

black rowan – 4 parts;
apples – 1 part;
water – 2 parts;
granulated sugar – 7 parts.

I want to share with you a recipe for blackberry jam. The jam turns out to be tasty, aromatic, with a tart taste of black rowan. The cooking method is universal for berries with skins, such as gooseberries, cherries, plums, gooseberry, mountain ash.

The method of making jam is very simple and fast. Any housewife, even a beginner, can handle it. A minimum number of products will be required. In terms of cost, this jam is budget. And the result will definitely please you and your loved ones.

The process of making blackberry jam.

The essence of the recipe is that you do not cover the berries with sand or pour syrup. In this recipe, berries are boiled in water.

Take 5 parts of berries and pour 2 parts of water. At the same time, the skin becomes soft and bursts. Berries give all their taste and color to water. Bring to a boil and cook for 20 minutes.

At the end of the time, fill with sand. It is very easy to remember 5 parts of berries + 2 parts of water = 7 parts of sand. And definitely also bring to a boil and cook for 20 minutes.

During these 20 minutes, the berries that burst start to absorb the sugar syrup and look whole.

Do not forget to remove the foam as it cooks. I usually do not stir the jam, but lift the whole basin and shake it.

When the jam has completely cooled, put it in sterile jars.

I keep jam in the apartment, in the kitchen cupboard.

This method is good because the jam is not sugared, it is not thick. And there is always berry syrup, which can be used for compotes, for baking, for decorating pastries.

And the second advantage of this method is that you can always calculate the ratio of berries and sugar and cook jam, even if you have 5 tablespoons of berries.

Cooking time: 1 years
Preparation time: 1 years
Kitchen: Ukrainian
Description: Black rowan jam for the winter – a recipe with step-by-step photos

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