Bloody Mary (cocktail). Culinary recipe.

Bloody Mary cocktail — contains vodka, tomato juice and spices, one of the few that were created not to hide the vile taste of the main alcoholic ingredient, but on the contrary, precisely to add new and useful properties to an already excellent product.

How to make a Bloody Mary cocktail.

The method of cooking Bloody Mary at home, surprisingly, largely depends on the dishes used.

Let’s take a small glass. Tomato juice is poured into a glass, then, carefully to avoid mixing, vodka is poured on the blade of a knife. If desired, you can season with salt and pepper. This is the simplest and most common option. Simple, quick and hassle-free.

Option 1.
Pour tomato juice (preferably with pulp).

About half a glass.

We begin to pour vodka on the edge of the knife, starting from the border of tomato juice.

As it fills, we raise the tip of the knife higher and higher.

Adhering to the liquid limit.

As a result, a glass with a “Bloody Mary” cocktail is ready to drink! The glass allows you to make a more complex version of this drink. A more complicated recipe for “Red Mary”: Pour 100 ml of tomato juice, add a pinch of pepper, salt, mix. Then a pinch of pepper is poured on top of the tomato juice (this is the layer between vodka and juice), 50 ml of vodka is poured over the knife, so that the border between juice and vodka is clearly defined. The glass can be decorated with onion feathers or a sprig of dill. I usually use this option.

Option 2.
Salt and pepper are immediately added to the composition.

Poured tomato juice, salt to taste.

And pepper. Here’s a little trick – first we use ground black pepper, and then a mixture of coarsely ground peppers from the “mill”.

As a result, there is quite a lot of pepper. Ideally, it should cover the entire surface of the tomato juice with a thin layer.

Using a knife, similarly to the first recipe, pour vodka.

Done! At the same time, our pepper split – small particles remained on the tomato, and large ones floated away.

The pictures show two new “pepper” layers. Why? Ah, try it! A completely different impression compared to the previous simple recipe. The option of preparing a Bloody Mary is used less often, when vodka is first poured, and then tomato juice is added along the edge of a knife and further along the wall, which, flowing down the wall to the bottom of the glass as a viscous mass, slowly displaces the vodka to the top. In a glass with a flat bottom, such a trick will not work, but in a wine glass – please! This recipe, by the way, is even simpler than simple – you don’t need to ring the glass with trembling hands.

Option 3.
Pour vodka.

We begin to slowly pour tomato juice along the wall of the wine glass.

Juice replaces vodka.

The border, however, is not as smooth as in the previous recipes, but it is quite noticeable.

A little secret — so that the vodka lays well as the top layer in the Bloody Mary and does not mix, it must be very cold, to the point of thickness, literally fresh from the freezer.

And tomato juice should be thick and warm. Although, I have never managed to make this cocktail so that the layers are even, as in the picture in the advertisement, and with such clear borders. Vodka starts to color and mix little by little in seconds. So, in the pictures, most likely, it is not vodka at all, but normal ricin or glycerin.

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