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I want to share with you a recipe for unusual buckwheat pancakes. Yes, from buckwheat porridge, not from buckwheat flour.

I made such pancakes for the first time. When I ate them at my friend’s house, I remembered the unusual taste. And when spring is already in full swing, I decided to please my children with sweet and very healthy fritters.

In order to start cooking buckwheat fritters, you should stock up on the following products.

— 2 cups of boiled buckwheat groats;
– half a glass of oatmeal;
– 1 egg;
– half a glass of sugar;
– raisins (to taste);
– half a glass of kefir;
— 50 g of butter;
– 1 cup of flour;
– sour cream for serving;
– berries for decoration.

How to cook buckwheat fritters.

Let’s prepare the main component of fritters – buckwheat porridge. Boil buckwheat in salted water, let it cool a little.

Grind with a blender. This will be the basis of our fritters.

Now add oatmeal.

Break an egg into this mixture.

Pour kefir, add sugar. Mix well, leave for 10 minutes so that the oatmeal swells a little. As an additive, I used only raisins, but you can also use other dried fruits, adjust their amount according to your taste.

Mix the mass with flour and soft butter.

Fry in hot oil on both sides, placing the fritters on the pan with a measuring spoon.

I served pancakes with sour cream. I used red currant berries for decoration. Sweet taste!

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