Buckwheat pancakes with a juicy filling

1. Beat the eggs and sugar well in a deep bowl. Eggs should be from the refrigerator.

2. Pour cold milk and beat well again, add salt, add 1 tbsp. spoon of vegetable oil, mix.

3. Mix both types of sifted flour, add baking powder.

4. Pour flour into the milk and eggs in a thin stream, stirring constantly. The dough should not be very stiff, like for ordinary pancakes.

6. Bake pancakes in a pan greased with vegetable oil. Grease each ready-made pancake with butter so that they do not stick together.

7. Peel the apples at the rate of 1 apple per 1 pancake. Cut each apple into cubes, fry in butter until soft. Add sugar, cinnamon to taste.

8. Put the pancake on a plate, put about two spoons of low-fat cheese in the middle, and the cooked apples on top. Wrap the pancake. You can decorate the pancakes with pieces of apple, nuts and lightly drizzle with honey.

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