Chahokhbili from chicken. How to cook chachokhbili with a photo.

Chahokhbili is an ancient Georgian dish, it was prepared even in the pre-Columbian era, when tomatoes were not heard of on our continent. To give the sauce a characteristic sourness, then they put tklapi from cherry or dogwood, dried in the form of a paste. And you can also add a piece of tklapi – you can always buy it at markets from Georgian sellers. If there is an opportunity, try to buy fresh Utsho-Suneli, harvested this year. This is a very important spice for chachokhbili. And the chicken, of course, must be farm-raised.

1 chicken weighing 1,5–2 kg;
4-6 ripe tomatoes;
4-5 bulbs;
1 bunch of dill and parsley each;
1 bunch of purple basil;
5-6 cloves of garlic;
2 hot peppers;
a pinch of Utsho-suneli;
a small piece of tklapi;
melted butter;
sea ​​salt

How to cook chachokhbili.

Cut the chicken into portions. Heat the ghee in a large, deep frying pan or pan with a thick bottom, add the chicken pieces and fry over medium heat until golden brown on all sides. Cover with a lid, reduce the heat, simmer until half done.

Peel and thinly slice the onion. Sprinkle the onion over the chicken and mix thoroughly.

Scald the tomatoes with boiling water, remove the skin. Cut the tomatoes or grate them on a coarse grater so that small pieces remain.

Add the tomatoes to the chicken, bring to a boil, cover and simmer until almost done. Finely chop all the greens, including the stems – but cut the stems separately.

Peel the garlic and chop coarsely. If desired, remove the seeds from the chili peppers, cut the pulp. Put the chilies, garlic and stems in a mortar and pound into a paste, adding salt.

Add greens, mortar paste, utcho-suneli and pieces of tklapi to the chicken. Add more salt and pepper.

Simmer until the chicken is soft.

Serve chachokhbili hot.

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