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Good time everyone! Dear housewives, I offer you another recipe for very tasty, refreshing in the summer, very simple and quick to prepare cherry ice cream.

All we need for this is a blender and a few simple ingredients.

cherry – 250 g;
sour cream 20% – 150 g;
granulated sugar – 100 g (in relation to sugar, a small note – it should be taken according to taste, depending on the acidity of your cherry and your preferences);
condensed milk – 100 g.

Method of making cherry ice cream.

To begin with, we clean the pits of cherries.

We put them in the bowl of a blender, add granulated sugar and beat until a homogeneous cherry puree is obtained.

Add sour cream to our cherry puree, beat.

Add condensed milk. Beat everything well again.

That’s actually all! The process of preparing the mass for freezing takes no more than five minutes. Now we pour our ice cream into molds in which you will freeze it. I have silicone ones – very convenient for ice cream.

You can freeze in plastic cups or in a plastic container.

And put it in the freezer for 3-5 hours until it hardens completely.

This is how frozen ice cream looks like, the bubbles are frozen on the surface (from whipping).

The ice cream turns out moderately airy, not very soft, but not “oaky” either. In terms of taste, I personally liked it very much. The man too! The taste is richly cherry, with a sourness that perfectly contrasts with the sweet taste of condensed milk. The color is insanely beautiful, and without any artificial dyes!

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