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An alternative to rich, thick pickles, soups, and borschts is a fragrant, light, sunny chicken broth. With a minimum of vegetables, the absence of potatoes, dressing from sauces and sautéing, this first course saturates without leaving a feeling of heaviness, energizes, appropriate in any season of the year and without spicy components, recommended for children’s diet.

part of a chicken carcass (or thighs, wings, etc.) – 400-500 g;
carrot, onion – 1/2-1 piece each;
garlic – 2-3 cloves;
celery root (or stem) — 20-30 g;
spaghetti (or other pasta) – 50 g;
greens – 1/2 bunch;
chili (optional) — 2-3 rings;
salt, pepper, thyme.

How to make chicken broth.

Wash the bird, fill it with water to the top and put it on fire – after the first boil, drain the foamy liquid, wash the chicken again, return it to the pot, add 1,6-1,7 liters of water, bring it to a boil, reduce the temperature and cook under the lid for about half an hour. Do not salt!

We load the onion and carrot after the second boiling. Root crops are not crushed – we throw them in large parts or whole.

Next, we dip a segment of cleaned celery root, peppercorns and quite a few leaves of spicy dried or fresh thyme. Celery root can be replaced or combined with stalks, parsley root, parsnips – they saturate the chicken broth with a strange aroma. We continue to cook our chicken already with assorted vegetables and spices.

After 30 minutes, throw away the onion, a piece of celery, mash the carrot with a fork until it becomes puree and return it to the hot broth. The orange fruit will give color and a sweet note.

At the next stage, add salt to taste, add a portion of broken spaghetti, instead of which they take omba pasta, small vermicelli. Cook for the last 3-5 minutes.

Turn off the heat, season with pepper, add a large handful of finely chopped parsley and/or dill, green onions, crushed garlic cloves, and don’t forget red chili to enhance the warming effect.

We serve clear chicken broth, poured into convenient plates. Sweet taste!

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