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Today’s salad is most often seen in Mexican cuisine, where a large amount of corn and hot peppers are used, which go well with smoked chicken fillet. I will not say that this recipe was invented in Mexico, but there is as much spiciness in it as in the dishes of this hot country.

Such a salad is not recommended to be given to small children. Adults, and especially men, should like it. This recipe is suitable for a feast with friends, where you can drink beer and eat a spicy meat salad.

Those who do not like the idea of ​​making a spicy salad can add sweet pepper instead of fresh hot pepper, and paprika instead of hot spice.

— 0,5-1 hot red pepper;
— 300 g of smoked chicken fillet;
— 1 b. canned corn;
— 250 g of sterilized mushrooms;
— 5-6 century. l. mayonnaise;
– salt to taste;
— spices (red pepper);
— a bunch of fresh dill.

How to make chicken fillet salad.

This amount of products makes 4 servings of salad. Preparation is reduced only to slicing products and mixing them.

First, very finely chop the hot red pepper. The spiciness of the salad depends on its spiciness and quantity, so it is better to put half a pepper first, and then add to taste if needed.

Pour canned corn into a plate.

Cut the chicken fillet into medium pieces and also add to the salad bowl.

Mushrooms can be taken sterilized (boiled) or pickled. We cut whole mushrooms with plastics or buy sliced ​​mushrooms right away.

It is best to take homemade mayonnaise, but since it takes a long time to cook it, a store-bought analogue is also suitable.

Add a little red pepper and salt to taste.

Mix the salad and add finely chopped fresh dill.

We try the salad “salt” and spiciness. If the salad is not spicy enough, add half a fresh hot pepper. We serve the finished salad to the table immediately after cooking, as after some time it releases juice.

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