Chicken in mayonnaise in the oven – a recipe for cooking chicken.

This wonderful recipe for a beautiful chicken in mayonnaise, which we bake in the oven, is probably known to many, and everyone also knows that it will never fail. Everything is prepared in a banal simple way and it does not require any culinary skills or special knowledge.

A bird baked in the oven always delights with its tenderness, incredible juiciness, and softness. This dish is perfect for both everyday and festive menus. I assure you that all guests meet chicken in mayonnaise with great pleasure. For more aroma, you can add onion, garlic and even a small amount of bell pepper, after baking in the oven, they are perfect for serving the dish.

1 medium chicken — 1,5 kg;
250 ml of mayonnaise;
salt, spices, seasonings to taste;
2 small bulbs;
1 head of garlic;
1 bell pepper.

How to cook a delicious chicken.

First of all, we wash the bird, separate all the excess, cut it into small portions and put it in a container.

Mix mayonnaise with salt and spices until smooth and apply to the chicken from all sides, as if massaging the meat. Leave it like this in a cool place for marinating for 2 hours or overnight in the refrigerator.

We cover the form with baking paper, lay out the marinated pieces of chicken, grease the top with mayonnaise and put it in an oven preheated to 170-180 degrees (do not make the temperature high, so as not to burn) for 40 minutes until light browning appears.

Then we carefully take out and lay out coarsely chopped onions, slices of pepper and garlic, from which we remove only the upper skin.

We bake the chicken in the oven for another 45 minutes until a beautiful ruddy crust and complete readiness.

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