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Chicken in soy sauce is a popular recipe of oriental cuisine. Now this dish is prepared in a variety of ways: some add honey or sweet and sour syrup to the list of ingredients, while others are limited to a standard set of products.

There is no strictness in this recipe: you can add or replace components based on individual preferences. However, it is important to remember that the basis of the dish is soy sauce, which gives the chicken breast the necessary juiciness, so this ingredient cannot be excluded. So, we start making chicken in soy sauce.

chicken breast – 500 g;
soy sauce – 8 tbsp. a spoon;
garlic – 1 clove;
olive oil;
hot spices;
flat noodles (for garnish);
tomato (for serving).

How to cook chicken in soy sauce.

Wash the chicken breast in cold water, remove the skin. With the help of a knife, remove all the bones (this must be done very carefully, as even small bones should not fall into the finished dish). Cut the resulting fillet into strips.

Cut the onion into the thinnest half rings (if the bulb is small, you can cut it into rings).

Pour olive oil into the pan, put all the onions. Fry for 3-4 minutes, stirring.

Next, add the chicken to the onion.

Season the chicken pieces with spices. Pour finely chopped garlic. It is not necessary to salt, as the chicken will be stewed in a salty sauce.

Fry the chicken with onions for about 5 minutes, and then pour soy sauce. We continue to fry the whole mass for 7-8 minutes. Then pour a little boiled water, cover the chicken with a lid, simmer for a few minutes. The finished pieces should acquire a pink shade.

Now let’s deal with the side dish. Boil the flat noodles until ready, and then pour over them the sauce formed during frying the chicken.

Place a portion of the soaked noodles on a flat plate, and place the chicken on top. Add tomato slices to the dish.

Chicken in soy sauce is served hot. Instead of ordinary cutlery, special chopsticks are used. The dish is ready!

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