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I love chicken for its versatility. My recipe calls for a whole chicken. We wash it, cut the fillet (from it I make nuggets for the child), divide it in half vertically, as for tobacco chicken. There are two such parts.

I clean everything from the inside, I don’t like baby in any form.

Now we prepare the dressing where the chicken will be marinated. I will need the next set of products.

Take a portion of each ingredient and mix in a separate bowl. Lemon juice will be predominant (about 2 tablespoons), I take more garlic for aroma (3-4 cloves), salt and pepper to taste, paprika for sharpness. You can also add a little dried herbs, but not too much, so as not to overpower the other aromas and flavors.

Now we grease our two parts of the chicken and send it to the refrigerator in a suitable container. I marinated the chicken overnight. Do not forget to turn the chicken so that all its parts are soaked in the sauce.

After overnight in the refrigerator, the chicken becomes soft and fragrant, and is ready to accept the heat and flame. To do this, I put it in the appropriate form with the back down.

We send the chicken to the preheated oven. I am guided by the aroma and the appearance of a crust on the chicken body. It should not be overdried and rather fried.

Now comes the critical moment when it is necessary to turn the chicken from its back to its belly. We do this carefully so that the chicken does not fall apart. Thus, both the stomach and the back will be fried. Plus, they are actively lubricated with oil and spices to avoid drying out.

It turns out a wonderfully beautiful and insanely tasty chicken. Soft skin, meat that melts in your mouth, a magical aroma and some zest. Very tasty and tender! Sweet taste!

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