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The recipe for cooking drumsticks in the oven with a caramel crust is really very simple and easy, and the taste, in turn, will pleasantly surprise you. And the main thing is that nothing is necessary for cooking, read on in more detail.

So really, in my opinion, this cooking recipe is very simple, we only need chicken thighs and some spices, a little effort and in the end you get amazingly tasty drumsticks with a crispy and slightly sweet crust.

Chicken thighs – 2 pieces;
Sugar – 1 tablespoon (not full);
Water – 4 tablespoons;
Salt – to taste;
Garlic – optional;
Pepper – to taste.

How to cook chicken legs in the oven.

To begin with, we take a dry, not very large pan with a thick bottom, put it on the stove, pour sugar into it and heat it over low heat.

You don’t need to stir the sugar, it will gradually melt.

Upon further observation, you will see how it will turn slightly brown.

When the sugar acquires a brown shade and becomes a liquid caramel, then it is necessary to pour four tablespoons of water into the pan. At the same time, the caramel will harden immediately, but then it will gradually dissolve in the water.

As soon as the caramel has completely dissolved in the water, turn off the stove and remove the pan. Now let’s deal with the thighs, we wash them well, put them in a small but deep enough dish. After that, salt the meat, if desired, squeeze out a clove of garlic, pepper it and rub it well with your hands, you can add any other spices you like.

Next, pour the water in which we dissolved the caramel on top of the thighs rubbed with spices, see if it seems to be a lot, you can not pour it all out.

Now everything is quite simple, we put the bones in a well-heated oven to 200 degrees, we will cook for about forty-fifty minutes, the finished meat will become soft and acquire a very beautiful crust of golden color.

Well, that’s it! Legs in the oven with a crispy caramel crust are ready. They can be served with any side dish, with potatoes or pasta, I think you will figure this out yourself. Sweet taste.

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