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boiled chicken breast – 1 pc.;
potato – 4 pc.;
chicken eggs – 2 pc.;
pickled cucumbers – 4 pcs.;
carrots (small) – 2 pcs.;
marinated mushrooms (chopped) – 1 tbsp.;
mayonnaise – 200 g.

How to make chicken salad.

Today we will prepare a delicious salad from products available to everyone. Here’s what we need.

The salad is laid in layers, so we need to prepare all the ingredients. To begin with, we need to boil the chicken breast in salted water so that the meat is juicier, I leave it to cool in the broth, and only then take it out and separate it into fibers, which is what we need to do.

Then cut the cucumbers into small cubes.

And rub pre-boiled eggs, potatoes and carrots on a coarse grater.

We open a can with mushrooms, drain all the liquid and cut it into smaller pieces.

Now, when everything is ready, you can start laying. As the first layer, put 1/2 of the potatoes on the dish and grease the layer with mayonnaise.

Next, we have 1/2 part of the breast, it also needs to be smeared with mayonnaise.

Then 1/2 part of cucumbers.

And half of the mushrooms and mayonnaise.

Place 1/2 of the grated eggs on top and smear again with mayonnaise.

Now we lay out the remaining potatoes again.

Grease the layer with mayonnaise and alternate the layers in the same order: chicken breast, mayonnaise, cucumbers, mushrooms, mayonnaise, eggs, mayonnaise. And put all the grated carrots on top (there should not be a lot of them, they are used only as a beautiful decoration of the top) and decorate the salad, guided by your imagination. I made it like this.

That’s it, let the salad soak and you can serve it. I always put it in the fridge overnight. I did not use salt in the recipe, but you can slightly salt the layers to your taste if you wish. Do not take a large potato so that the potato layer is quite thin. The salad is very tender and tasty. Sweet taste!

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