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This salad is quite quick, but it is suitable even for a holiday!

— 250 g of chicken fillet;
— 1 small carrot;
— a bunch of young dill;
— 120 g of cheese;
— 2 st. spoons of mayonnaise;
– salt

Cooking chicken salad in balls.

We take half a chicken breast or a ready-made fillet, which is much easier and faster. We wash it and put it to boil.

Peel a small carrot (so that it does not give the dish a special sweetness). We also put it to boil. You can even combine chicken with carrots in one pan, there will be nothing critical about it.

When everything is ready, drain the water and cool.

Mix one spoonful of mayonnaise with washed and chopped young dill.

Grind the cooled chicken with a blender. You can cut it with a knife, but it will take longer.

Chop the carrot with a blender or on a grater with small holes.

Grate half of the cheese on a coarse grater. Add to the chicken with carrots, mayonnaise and dill. We salt it.

Mix well. It will turn out such a decorated mass.

Grate the second half of the cheese on a grater with small holes.

Divide the chicken mass into 9-10 parts. We roll balls from them in the palms of our hands.

Put the second spoonful of mayonnaise a little on each ball. This is just to keep the cheese on top.

Roll balls lightly greased with mayonnaise in cheese crumbs.

Our salad is ready! It turns out very tasty, tender, beautiful! Goes well with buckwheat, rice, any kind of porridge. You can eat with potatoes in any form. I had cooked pasta, so our salad went with it. Enjoy your taste!

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