Chicken thighs in puff pastry. Recipe.

A very tasty dish of chicken thighs in puff pastry. It is simply prepared in an elementary way, and it looks very attractive. You can use any spices to your taste, but try not to abuse them, so as not to kill the natural chicken taste, but only to emphasize it.

8 chicken thighs (can be drumsticks);
8 slices of cheese;
1 clove of garlic;
spices to taste (I have a pinch of dried thyme);
400-500 g of puff pastry (yeast-free);
egg for greasing;
sesame seeds for sprinkling.

Cooking chicken thighs.

Wash the chicken thighs and dry thoroughly with paper towels. You can also use chicken legs, the preparation will be the same. Salt, pepper, rub with chopped garlic and thyme (or any spices to your taste).

Defrost puff pastry. On a floured table, roll out the dough slightly in one direction lengthwise. Cut the dough into strips 1,5 cm wide.

Carefully place a slice of cheese under the skin on each thigh.

Wrap each thigh with strips of dough (about 5-6 turns).

Place the thighs on a baking sheet.

Brush with lightly beaten egg using a brush. Sprinkle with sesame (I sprinkled with white and black sesame). Put in an oven heated to 180 degrees, cook for about 40-50 minutes or until the dough is ruddy and the meat is fully cooked.

It can be served both with a simple vegetable salad and with a heartier side dish, for example, potatoes. Tender juicy chicken meat in an appetizing puff pastry can leave few people indifferent, as it is very tasty!

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