Chicken wings with potatoes in the oven – recipe.

Chicken wings are a very convenient product. They are portioned, they can be prepared for each member of the family, just fry or bake chicken wings in the oven. This is a great dish for every day, it is prepared quickly and does not require special cooking techniques.

wings – 6 pcs.;
potatoes – 6 pcs.;
cheese – 30 g;
cherry tomatoes – 6 pcs.;
kefir – 50 ml;
mayonnaise – 40 g;
tomato paste – 25 g;
salt, red, black pepper, garlic and other spices – to taste.

The process of cooking chicken wings with potatoes.

We make the marinade for the wings. To do this, put salt – 1 teaspoon, basil, two types of peppers, mayonnaise, kefir and tomato paste in a deep dish. We put crushed garlic there.

Mix everything, you will get a nice sauce. Taste it, you can add more salt or pepper.

We wash the wings under running water, let them drain or dry them with smooth paper. Paper towels can leave soft rolls on the chicken. We put them in a plate and leave to marinate for at least an hour.

Peel the potatoes. Cut it into flat plates 1 cm thick.

Cut greens and prepare tomatoes. They can be cut in half or left whole.

Grate the cheese on a fine grater.

Place parchment on a baking sheet or pan. It is not necessary to smear it with oil. We lay out the potatoes, we put the wings on top of them.

Add tomatoes, greens and sprinkle our beauty with cheese. Put in a preheated oven for 45 minutes. It should have a temperature of 200 degrees.

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