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Our life cannot do without quick recipes. Of course, if you take into account the preparation of all the ingredients, the time required is not so little. But if you first cut all the vegetables, and then gradually add them during the cooking process, then vegetable stew with chicken will be an excellent quick dinner.

You will spend 40-45 minutes on cooking, but this is taking into account the slicing of all the ingredients.

— zucchini;
— a young carrot;
— white cabbage;
— onion;
– tomatoes;
– salt, ground black pepper;
– Bay leaf;
– vegetable oil.

How to cook chicken with vegetables.

I used the top part of the chicken in my recipe, it was the one I had in the fridge. I cut all the fillets for the dish I decided to cook, and kept the wings for vermicelli soup.

I first prepared all the ingredients, and then gradually mixed them in a pan during the quenching process.

Cut the cut chicken fillet into cubes.

In a deep (as there are many ingredients) pan, pour vegetable oil approximately 1 cm in height from the bottom of the pan. Oil will be enough, as vegetables give juice and are stewed in this mixture. She warmed up and laid out the chicken meat. The onion was chopped and combined with the meat.

Salted and peppered. The fire lost weight and was extinguished for 5 minutes. Then she added young carrots. It was not large, so it turned out to be cut into beautiful wheels.

I immediately sent diced tomatoes to the previous products.

I mixed everything. Covered with a lid and extinguished.

Finely chopped white cabbage (if possible, I don’t do it very well). Sent to stew with other ingredients.

I cut the skin off the zucchini, even though it was young. Cut into cubes along with the seeds.

Combined with vegetables in a pan. I added a bay leaf. Simmer under the lid until the cabbage is fully cooked, since it takes longer to prepare from all the listed ingredients in the recipe.

The vegetable stew with meat turned out to be very rich and tasty. Sweet taste.

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