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Chocolate 200 g.
Fat cream 100 g.
Butter 100 g.
Cocoa powder 100 g.

Method of cooking:
So, we take two hundred-gram dark chocolates with a cocoa content of 50% or 70%.

We divide it into cubes and you can do it as you want or know how, with your hands or a knife and put these cubes in a bucket.

By this time, we should have boiling water at the start. In general, always start your trip to the kitchen by preparing boiling water, even if you do not know what you will do. Boiling water is needed and will come in handy – ALWAYS! We put a ladle with chocolate in slightly boiling water and melt it in a water bath. Be sure to stir so that it melts into a homogeneous mass.

This is the mass it should melt.

Then we will need heavy cream (in my case 30%), which we must pour into the chocolate mass.

After pouring the cream into the mass, melt it further in a water bath, stirring well and so that no lumps form: cream, sour cream, if they are old or of poor quality, have a peculiarity of curdling. Our task is to prevent any collapse. And if we approach this matter correctly, then we will get a wonderful and uniform mass, and when this mass is obtained, we take a piece of butter, divide it into pieces and also add it to the ladle. We swim further, stirring.

After our efforts, this should be the mass that we put in the refrigerator. You can add rum, cognac or some other spices to this fragrant and aromatic mass, but I don’t use anything like that, because I make it for children.

The mass can be stored in the refrigerator for an hour, two or even three hours – the main thing is that it should cool down and harden.

While the mass is cooling, let’s deal with the cocoa powder, in which we must roll our creations, after giving them a certain shape. I always take dark cocoa, like Soviet, and light, like German, and mix them together.

Cocoa powder also requires a certain approach: when it lies, it has the peculiarity of clumping, and our task is to sift it through a sieve and give it the appearance and lightness of powder. So the chocolate mass has cooled down and is ready for work. We take it with a teaspoon or a tablespoon and shape it with our palms, throw our truffles in cocoa powder.

Be sure to collapse and carefully.

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