Classic salad with crab sticks – a recipe with a photo

Salad with crab sticks is as traditional a dish of the holiday table as Olivier or baked chicken. Hearty taste, available ingredients and minimal cooking time – this is what allows it to remain popular among housewives and guests. I will share with you a classic recipe.

crab sticks – 200 g;
eggs – 2 pcs.;
boiled rice – 100 g;
cucumber – 1 pc.;
mayonnaise – to taste;
ground black pepper – to taste.

Salad preparation process.

First, thaw the crab sticks. It is better to do this by putting them on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator in advance, so they will remain juicy.

You need to boil and cool the rice in advance.

Boil the eggs separately and chop them not too finely.

Cut the crab sticks half a centimeter thick, you should not cut them smaller – their structure should be felt in the salad.

Add rice and egg to the sticks. I always add a fresh cucumber – it gives juiciness to the salad. Season everything with mayonnaise. It is not necessary to salt: mayonnaise, sticks and rice already contain a sufficient amount of salt.

Lightly season with pepper, mix and serve immediately. It is not recommended to store the salad, and it is so easy to make it that it will never be difficult to please your family with a fresh portion.

For salads with crab sticks, all the general principles of cooking this type of dish are applicable:

— restrictions on ingredients, except for those dictated by incompatibility of products or an excess of similar-tasting components;

– the salad should be juicy. If it is not saturated enough, dry, makes you want to “bite” or “drink” – this is a bad option that should not be served at all;

— for salads, the basis of which are fresh vegetables, it is very important to think over the color scheme. If this cannot be done by selecting the appropriate ingredients, select dishes, garnish with greens or pickled vegetables;

— since crab sticks (regardless of whether they are made from fish or soy protein) belong to fish products, salads based on them automatically fall into the category of snacks, they can be served as a second course or with fried food.

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