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I really like when portioned salads or, as they are also called, cocktail salads, are served at various feasts or buffets. I am sure that most of the well-known and beloved salads can be decorated in this way, very beautifully and exquisitely – if there was a desire, as well as special glasses for an unusual presentation.

For the pancakes:
– serum – 100 ml;
— boiled water — 50 ml;
– egg – 1 pc.;
– flour – 5 tbsp. L.;
– salt – a pinch;
– sugar – 1 tsp;
– dill greens – a couple of sprigs;
– vegetable oil – 1 tbsp. l.

For the filling:
– lightly salted salmon – 150 g.

Other products for salad:
— lettuce leaves – a bunch;
— pitted olives — 100 g;
— Bulgarian pepper — 1 pc.;
— cherry tomatoes — 10 pcs.;
– hard cheese – 50 g;
— French mustard (in grains) — 6 teaspoons;
– lemon for serving – 6 slices.

The process of making a cocktail salad.

To begin with, I would recommend making pancake batter. To do this, we mix serum, water, vegetable oil, beaten egg. Slowly add the dry ingredients and use a whisk to knead a thin, uniform dough.

Add chopped dill greens, mix.

Bake the pancakes on both sides until they are ruddy and appetizing.

Cut the salted red fish into small cubes.

We spread the filling on the pancake, turn it into rolls and cut it about 5 cm wide.

Lettuce leaves are washed and dried.

We tear the salad with our hands and put it on the bottom of the prepared glasses for serving.

Place the pancake rolls on the lettuce leaves.

Next comes diced aromatic Bulgarian pepper.

After the pepper, put chopped olives and cherry tomatoes in glasses.

On top you need to put a teaspoon of French mustard for piquancy.

And at the end — a layer of grated hard cheese.

Decorate our salad with a slice of lemon and a sprig of greens. It is very juicy, tasty, fresh and original.

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