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If previously only whole milk and sugar were included in the composition of condensed milk, now it is even scary to read what it consists of. In its composition, in addition to palm oil, you can find flavorings, and all kinds of thickeners, stabilizers, in general, you can find a lot of substances with the “E” mark.

These are children’s favorite treats, which are now scary to give to a child. And I don’t want to try it myself. But remembering how many people cooked condensed milk at home in Soviet times, not from a harmful product, but because of a shortage, then it can be prepared at home. True, there are several negative points in this case:

1) it will be cooked for a very long time – an hour and a half, or even two;
2) it often happens that it turns out to be cream-colored;
3) it will always be little, no matter how much you cook.

milk – 1 liter;
sugar – 350 grams;
vanilla – to taste.

How to prepare condensed milk.

In order for condensed milk to turn out to be of good quality, you need to buy fat milk, better, of course, homemade. If you did not manage to buy such at the bazaar, then in the store take milk marked “bio” or whole, as well as 20% fat cream. When cooking condensed milk, in addition to whole milk, dry milk is also added, then it will take less time to prepare it. Also, at the end of cooking, you can add vanillin (who likes this flavor).

Now about how to prepare homemade condensed milk. To prepare condensed milk according to this recipe, you need to take a wide, thick-walled pan, pour milk and cream (1:1) into it, if you did not manage to buy homemade milk, and evaporate the milk over very low heat until its original volume is reduced by half .

When this happens, add sugar or sugar syrup, whichever is more preferable, to the milk. And cook for some time (up to 30 minutes), depending on how thick you want the condensed milk.

If you want, you can roll it in a jar, so you can store it for several months.

What is homemade condensed milk made from?

The real recipe for condensed milk, on the can of which there is a DSTU sign, consists of only two ingredients: milk and sugar. If you find one in the store, grab it without delay. Unfortunately, store labels are full of various additives: vegetable fats, butter, flavorings, vanillin, stabilizers and preservatives. This delicacy with such a composition, unfortunately, will taste far from ideal.

How to choose milk for cooking at home?

To prepare homemade condensed milk, you can use both ordinary pasteurized from a package and dry. If you decide to replace regular with dry, make sure that it is really milk, and not cream based on vegetable fats – then the condensed milk will turn out to be fake. Experts recommend completely replacing regular milk with not very fatty, fresh cream.

How to store homemade condensed milk?

If you want to prepare several jars at once, sterilize the jars and pour freshly prepared delicacy over them, cover with a lid and put in a cold place.

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