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Crannach is a delicious Scottish dessert consisting of raspberry puree and whipped cream. According to the original recipe, toasted oatmeal and whiskey are added to the cream, which makes this dessert so special. The specified amount of ingredients makes 2-3 servings of dessert.

In a dry frying pan, fry the oatmeal until it turns brown and has a “nutty” smell. It should be fried over low heat, stirring constantly so that the flakes do not burn.

Raspberries together with 1 tbsp. grind with a blender a spoonful of powdered sugar to a puree state.

Pour the cooled cream into a cold bowl and beat with a mixer to a lush mass. Then add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of icing sugar and mix thoroughly with a mixer. The cream should be whipped at the lowest speed of the mixer, and at the same time, be careful not to overbeat it, otherwise it will turn into butter.

Add toasted oatmeal and cognac to the whipped cream and mix thoroughly with a spoon.

Layer raspberry puree and whipped cream in a dessert dish (as in the photo). If desired, the dessert can be sprinkled with grated black chocolate on top. Krannach is ready.

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