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Delicious ice cream of excellent quality is quite easy to prepare at home. The basis of such ice cream is cream prepared from fatty cow’s milk. There are several options for creamy ice cream – on a wooden stick, as well as in a cup made of a tasty and crispy wafer or ordinary thick paper.

Creamy ice cream is a wonderful stand-alone dessert, and it is often included in delicious milkshakes with nuts, fresh fruits or sweet syrups. In cozy cafes, you can always try creamy ice cream in the form of attractive and appetizing balls, which can be sprinkled with nuts or poured with syrups on top – such tasty treats are usually served in special bowls.

cream 35% – 0,5 liters;
condensed milk – 300 g;
dark chocolate – 25 g.

The method of making creamy ice cream.

I like to cook and experiment, but if I have already started, then I need everything at once, and so I decided to make ice cream at home and not from one recipe, but from two at once. Now I will describe and show what I think is a simple and quick recipe for making very tasty ice cream.

Pour the cream into a plastic bowl.

Beat until the cream becomes thick and does not go in waves.

When the cream is whipped, we begin to add condensed milk little by little, while continuing to beat so that the milk is mixed into the cream.

Grate the chocolate on a fine grater, I had coffee with cream, you can take any other (or add nuts or not at all).

Pour the chocolate chips into the cream whipped with condensed milk and beat again so that everything is evenly mixed.

After that, we pour the resulting mass into containers for freezing (I use ordinary plastic containers).

And in the freezer, after an hour it was already ready, the man could not tear himself away.

True, after 12 hours it froze better, and I liked it more.

Only you decide what you will do. Sweet taste.

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