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Beijing cabbage 500 g
1 can of canned corn
Ham 200 g
Cucumbers 1 pc.
Green onion 1 bunch
Mayonnaise 200 g
Salt 2 pinches
2 pinches of ground black pepper.

Method of cooking:
To prepare the salad, we will need Beijing cabbage, fresh cucumber, sausage ham (or ham), canned corn, green onions, mayonnaise, ground black pepper, and salt.

Cut the sausage or ham into thin strips.

Wash the cucumber and also cut it into strips.

Wash and chop green onions.

Shred the Beijing cabbage.

Combine in a deep salad bowl and mix chopped sausage, cucumber, onion, Chinese cabbage and canned corn.

Dress the salad with mayonnaise, add salt and ground black pepper to taste.

Mix the salad and immediately serve.

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