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2-3 proteins
1-3 tsp. sugar (powder) (if you like sweets and are not on a diet, add sugar according to the weight of proteins, for example, for 80 grams of protein – 80 grams of sugar)
a handful of raisins, 2-3 pieces of dried apricots (you can do without them),
bitter chocolate gr 40.

Egg whites should be whipped at medium speed to soft peaks, gradually add sugar (powder), increase the speed and continue to beat until the meringue begins to form firm “hard peaks”.

Steam dried fruits, then dry them with a dry napkin. Cut dried apricots, mix everything carefully with meringue. You can cut chocolate into pieces and replace dried fruit with it, put it in portioned molds, run a knife along the sides of the molds and put it in the microwave for exactly 30 seconds (at 850) – no more!!

Ready snowballs need to be cooled. Transfer to a plate, sprinkle with chocolate and . as they say — “Let the whole world wait.” we enjoy a wonderful light dessert without harming the figure.

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