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Agree that dogwood jam is not the most common type of sweets. More often, in our middle lane, jam is made from what grows on the country plot. But in order to diversify your tea party or baking, you can sometimes spend money on buying berries, and then make such a delicious and healthy jam from them.

dogwood – 3 kg;
granulated sugar – 3 kg;
water – 0,25 tbsp.

The method of making jam from dogwood.

The amount of dogwood for cooking can be any, the main thing is to take it in a 1:1 ratio with sugar. As for water, if the berries give the right amount of juice during the time, then you can do without it, in any case, it should not be very little. I cooked cornel jam with seeds. For cooking, I took 3 kg of berries and 3 kilograms of granulated sugar, respectively.

We sort dogwood from tails that burst (if the berries are very ripe) or spoiled fruits. Then wash well and dry. Dogwood fruits are quite bony fruits, the stone occupies half of the fruit.

And if the cornel is slightly unripe, you can remove the bones (steam it for a few minutes first). But since it turned out to be very ripe, I decided to cook the jam together with the bones. We transfer the clean, dried dogwood to a container in which we will then cook it. And it is better if it is a basin or a wide pan, so that the moisture evaporates faster.

Then sprinkle the fruit with sugar.

And we mix everything well together, from experience I will say that it is more convenient to do this with a wide wooden spatula.

Then, sprinkling the mixture with a little more sugar on top, we leave it like this overnight, for 8-10-12 hours, so that the dogwood gives juice.

After the appropriate number of hours, we put our basin on medium heat. If for some reason the dogwood gave little juice, then at this stage you can add a little water to give a boost to the melting of the sugar.

Then the process will go quickly. The sugar will melt and turn into syrup in a matter of minutes. We bring the future jam to a boil, along the way removing the resulting foam with a spoon, there will be quite a lot of foam.

The removed foam can be put on a plate, and after it cools down and stands for a few more hours, it will taste like a soft fruit paste – very tasty.

After bringing the jam to a boil for the first time, cook it over low heat for about 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally with a spoon. Then turn off the heat and leave the jam so that it cools completely and the dogwood is well soaked with sugar syrup. My basin cooled completely in about 6 hours.

Then we bring the jam to a boil again, cook for another 5-10 minutes over low heat, stirring, and turn off the heat again and cool completely. Actually, at this stage, the cooking is ready, but the syrup is still liquid. Therefore, I brought the jam to a boil for the third time, this is how it looked after that.

Here the syrup has already become thicker and more viscous. In addition, this method of cooking in several stages allows you to keep most of the fruits whole, without turning our jam into a shapeless mass. And then pour the finished jam with a clean ladle into clean glass jars.

From 3 kg of dogwood and 3 kg of sugar, I got four 700-gram jars of the jam itself, and one 700-gram jar of pure dogwood syrup, which after thickening turned into extremely tasty dogwood jam.

Yes, and do not forget to screw the lids on the jars when the jam in them cools down a little! Enjoy everyone!

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