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The other day I decided to please my family with a delicious duck with apples. Especially since I had a duck in the freezer that needed to be used urgently. I cook very simply, I don’t have time for all kinds of fancy things.

duck meat – 2 kg;
apples – 1 kg;
salt – to taste;
ground black pepper – to taste.

How to cook a duck in the oven.

In general, I defrosted the duck in advance. I washed it, dried it and rubbed it with a mixture of salt and pepper inside and out and put it in a baking tray.

I put it in the refrigerator for an hour, covering it with a piece of foil. I cut the apples into small pieces. I always remove the skin first and remove the seeds. 20 minutes before baking, she took the duck out of the refrigerator and stuffed it with apples.

I don’t sew up the hole. We like the apples to be well baked and even fall apart a little. Then I wrapped the wings and the bottom of the legs with foil so that they would not burn during cooking and put the duck in a hot oven. Baked for 50 minutes. This duck is only 1900 grams and still a lot of liquid leaked out of it.

I was even afraid that I overcooked it, but it was very tasty! Not dry. And the apples are amazingly tasty and soft. The smell was all over the apartment. They ate it in one sitting, regretted that the duck was so small.

Secrets of cooking duck.

In order for your duck to turn out tasty, before baking it should be marinated and left to stand for at least 3 hours. Thus, duck meat will become soft and juicy. For the marinade, you will need a mixture of salts and herbs, any fruit juice, preferably sour, or dry wine, as well as kefir and vinegar. To get a ruddy crust, use mustard, mayonnaise, honey or sour cream.

To prepare the marinade, you can take grape, wine or apple vinegar. And if you want to use juice, then it is better to take orange, lemon, apple, cranberry, pomegranate, cherry or currant juice.

Baking option and mode.
The taste of baked duck at the end of baking depends on the method of baking and the marinade. For housewives who have not yet had the experience of baking a duck, or do not know how old the duck is, it is better to use foil or a sleeve for baking, but first pour some water into it. They can also be used to avoid contamination of the oven.

This method of cooking will take a little longer than usual, but in the end, you will be able to get soft and juicy duck meat, with an incredible smell and taste. To get a fried skin, 15 minutes before cooking, open the duck a little. In order for the sleeve not to burst during baking, you need to make several small holes in it.

In that case, if you do not have a sleeve or foil, you can bake it in a dough that can be prepared using water and flour. After the duck is baked, it will need to be smeared with mayonnaise and put in the oven to brown a little.

Most housewives, before putting the duck in the oven, cook it for 15 minutes. By baking a duck in this way, you get soft and juicy meat. There is another way, so that the duck meat is soft and juicy, and also has a little aromatic smell, you should pour a little dry red wine inside the duck.

The wine, during baking, will evaporate and its aroma will permeate the duck meat. Thus, it makes it softer, as well as aromatic. Marinated duck for baking must be put in a hot oven. We hope that these tips for baking and properly marinating meat will help you prepare a delicious and juicy baked duck for the festive table.

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