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Dumplings with potatoes » Cooking recipes with photos. home cuisine

3,5-4 cups of flour,
1 egg,
1 glass of liquid (milk + water),
1 tsp. salt,
Mashed potatoes.

Method of cooking:
Measure flour into a bowl, add salt and mix everything well.

Beat an egg in a glass with a fork.

Add warm milk and water here (a little more water than milk), mix with a fork.

Pour this mixture into the flour and knead the dough with your hands. Perhaps due to the difference in the types of flour, you will have to add a little more water or reduce the amount of flour.

And place the dough in a plastic bag for a couple of hours (let it lie on the table at room temperature).

It will lay down well there, it will become softer, and after that it will be easier to knead it until smooth. Soft dough is obtained, elastic.

Divide all the dough into portions (you can roll the sausage and cut it into 4-5 parts) and send it back to the package.

Then make a cake from each portioned piece.

And after that, roll it into a layer with a rolling pin and cut out rounds with a cup or glass. Make them large (with a diameter of 8-9 cm), since the size of the dumplings will decrease when pinched with a “braid”.

We apply the filling and mold the dumpling as usual.

Then we will once again go through the pinching of the dumpling, making it (by pinching) wider and thinner. This is so that the braid does not turn out to be very thick and rough.

Hold the dumpling with one hand, and make a braid with the other. The big (on top of the dumpling) and index (under the dumpling) fingers work.
Lift the corner up with your thumb.

So that the new clip is not thick, press it again with the pads of your fingers and at the same time pull the eyelet (let’s call it that conventionally).

With the thumb, we lift the ear up, wrap it.

After bending the corner, press it hard, as if crushing it with the pads of the index and thumb fingers, simultaneously pulling it to the side. It turns out like an ear that you need to wrap again. And do not forget that it is not the hand that weaves the pigtail that moves, but the hand that holds the dumpling turns it.

When all the dumplings are molded, boil them in boiling salted water for a few minutes and grease them with oil.

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