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Golubtsi is my favorite dish. Naturally, I cook it often and therefore consider it my signature dish, since I got used to cooking them very quickly and they always turn out very well for me. I want to share my recipe with you.

mixed minced meat – 0,7 kg;
white cabbage – 1 large head;
onion – 2 pc.;
carrot – 1 pc.;
rice – 100 g;
tomato paste – to taste;
salt – to taste;
greens – to taste.

How to cook cabbage rolls with rice and meat.

First of all, we prepare minced meat. I have homemade, mixed (pork/beef) with the addition of onion directly in the meat grinder. If you buy store-bought, then finely crumble the onion into the already prepared minced meat. Be sure to salt the minced meat.

Next, we cook the cabbage, having previously cut the head and not forgetting to salt the water in which it is cooked. Choosing cabbage for cabbage rolls is also not an easy task. It should be even and smooth, without various notches, etc., then your cabbage rolls will turn out beautiful.

We do not cook the cabbage for a long time, remove the leaves with a fork as they are ready. Without a stake, they easily move away from the cob. Their color will indicate the readiness of the leaves – they become slightly transparent.

While the cabbage is cooking, steam the rice. I pour a small amount of rice with boiling water and leave for half an hour or a little less. Seeing how much time you have. But not less than 20 minutes. The amount of rice also depends on the amount of minced meat. You can make a cheaper version by mixing even minced meat with rice in a 50/50 ratio.

When the rice is ready, drain the water and mix it with minced meat. That’s it, the stuffing for cabbage rolls is ready!

Next, we turn the cabbage rolls into an envelope, having previously beaten off the hard part of the sheet with a hammer, which I never cut.

We get such neat pigeons.

Actually, we do the same with all the cabbage leaves as they are ready. That is, a batch of leaves has been cooked – cool and twist. This will save you time.

When all the cabbage rolls are ready, finely chop the onion, and grate the carrot on a coarse grater. We will need this for further preparation of cabbage rolls.

We put everything on the bottom of the cauldron (I apologize for its appearance, it is already old, but convenient and reliable), pour vegetable oil.

Place the doves on top in rows. I coat each row with tomato paste. You can simply cook them in tomato juice, but that’s how I’m used to it.

I pour all this with boiling water and put it to boil. And again, don’t forget to salt the broth! Cabbage rolls are cooked for 40 minutes on low heat under the lid. Readiness can be checked only by tasting. Rice is cooked the longest. If it is ready, the cabbage rolls can be removed from the fire.

Sprinkle the finished dish with greens. Can be served with sour cream or mayonnaise. The taste is slightly sour thanks to the tomato paste.

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