Dumplings with sauerkraut. Cooking dumplings.

Sauerkraut is perfect as a filling for dumplings. It can be pre-fried in vegetable oil with onions, or you can use it in the version that I offer you today. It turns out tasty, crispy and cabbage-like.

The dish can be eaten with sour cream, or poured with butter.

Sculpting does not take much time, it depends on the number of dumplings you want to get: it took me only 30 minutes, taking into account the kneading of the dough. Cook for 7-10 minutes.

egg – 1 pc.;
water – 1 tbsp .;
salt – 0,5 tsp;
flour – about 3 tbsp. (maybe a little more);
sauerkraut for filling – 300 g;
onion – 0,5 bulbs;
vegetable oil – 1-2 tbsp. l.

Cooking dumplings with sauerkraut.

Dough for dumplings is prepared from water, egg and flour. Break an egg into a bowl, add salt.

Add ordinary drinking cold water. We stir.

We try to knead the dough very well so that the dumplings form easily and do not boil during cooking. Knead a stiff dough.

Sauerkraut is washed in cold water before use (at your discretion).

Finely chop the spring onion. We send to sauerkraut.

Add vegetable oil and mix. We divide the dough into pieces, from which we roll out uniform cakes.

We lay out the filling, mold the dough. The dumpling is ready.

If you are not going to cook dumplings at the moment, then put them in the freezer. To do this, we lay them out on a flat board covered with a plastic bag or sprinkled with flour.

Otherwise, boil the dumplings in boiling salted water, you can add any seasonings. Cooking time is about 10 minutes.

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