Eggplants with the taste of mushrooms – a recipe with a photo

Today I will teach you how to make porcini mushrooms from eggplant. The dish is very tasty. I recommend before cooking.

eggplants – 600 g;
eggs – 2 pcs.;
salt pepper;
vegetable oil.

Eggplant cooking process.

Two large eggplants with a total weight of 600 g. They need to be cut in a certain way – first I will cut them into fairly thin circles.

And now we fold these circles and cut them into thin strips.

Pour all this into a deep bowl. Cut the second eggplant in the same way.

Now take the eggs and beat them with a whisk in a separate bowl. You don’t need to beat very hard, just beat until smooth.

Now salt and pepper our eggplants. Add eggs. We mix everything very well.

Pour vegetable oil into the pan and heat it very well. We pour out our eggplants and fry until ready.

Our eggplants are ready, turn them off. Now let’s try our dish.

The taste is similar to some kind of mushroom mix. Next time I will add more onions and garlic to it – it will be even tastier.

As you can see, the recipe is very simple, I can’t even imagine what could be simpler. It turns out really tasty. I recommend that you try to cook it – it is very simple and tasty. Leave your comments.

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