Festive appetizer chicken kebabs in bacon on skewers – recipe with photo

This dish is prepared in literally 5 minutes and it will be the first to disappear from the festive table, because it is very tasty, filling and all guests will give it the highest marks.

raw smoked bacon;
chicken breast or thigh fillet;
salt and pepper to taste.

The process of preparing a festive snack of chicken kebabs in bacon on skewers.

Cut the chicken fillet into pieces.

Salt and pepper the fillet, roll each piece into bacon.

We do the same with mushrooms, but before wrapping them in bacon, cut off all the legs.

Now string the snacks on a skewer, alternating chicken and mushrooms. You can make it separately with chicken and separately with mushrooms. Put the snack in the oven heated to 200 degrees for 20-30 minutes.

Such an appetizer will perfectly decorate not only your New Year’s table, but also any festive table (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). Such a dish is better served hot, as the aroma is simply unreal.

Pleasant taste and excellent mood.

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