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Chicken breast (chilled) — 1 pc.
Chicken eggs – 4 pieces.
Mushrooms (preferably fresh champignons) – 450 grams.
Tsibula r_pchasta – 1 pcs.
Carrot – 1-2 pieces.
Cheese (hard varieties) – 200 grams.
Mayonnaise – 400 grams.
Vegetable oil for frying).

Method of cooking:
First, boil the beets and carrots over medium heat until soft. Cool the vegetables and peel them. Boil the eggs separately, also on medium heat, in slightly salted water, for at least 8 minutes so that they come out cool. After that, put them under cold water, cool and peel them.
Rinse the chicken breast well under cold running water, put it in a clean pan, cover it with water, add a little salt and cook it over high heat. When the water boils, reduce the heat a little and remove the formed foam. Cook on low heat for another 20 minutes, then drain the water and cool the breast.

Peel the onion, rinse under running water and cut into small cubes or thin quarters.

Wash the mushrooms thoroughly under water, cut off the damaged parts, if any, and finely chop them. Put a frying pan with vegetable oil on medium heat, heat it up, then add the onion and fry it until translucent, stirring occasionally with a wooden spatula. After that, add chopped mushrooms to the pan, mix with onions and fry until half done. Then remove the pan from the heat and cool.

Cut boiled and cooled carrots into small cubes. Cut the cheese into cubes of approximately the same size. Carefully separate the chicken from the bones and cut into cubes of the same size. Cut boiled eggs into cubes.

Combine all the chopped ingredients together with fried mushrooms and onions in a deep bowl. Season everything with mayonnaise, mix thoroughly, season with mayonnaise, taste and, if necessary, add a little salt. Leave for about half an hour so that the salad soaks well, then transfer to a serving salad bowl.

Let’s prepare the dough for omelette pancakes and fry them.
To do this, you need to beat the eggs with a mixer or blender together with salt (on the tip of a knife). Then add wheat flour to them and mix well. You should get a liquid dough, similar in consistency to not thick sour cream. Next, pour milk, add soda and knead well so that there are no lumps in the dough.

Now put a frying pan on medium heat, pour in a little vegetable oil, heat it up. Scoop up the finished dough with a ladle, pour it into a heated pan, spread it evenly and fry it for a few minutes on each side. Put the finished pancakes on a plate and cool.

Grate the prepared beets and carrots on a fine grater, add garlic passed through a garlic press to them, mix well and season with mayonnaise. With this mixture, spread the omelette pancakes with a rather thin layer, wrap them in rolls. Then cut into pieces, the width of which should be about 1,5 cm.

Grate about 100-150 g of cheese on a fine grater, sprinkle it on the salad around the edge of the dish. Start laying out rose rolls from the center of the salad.
Wash the parsley well and dry it, decorate the salad abundantly with its sprigs and serve!

In the same way, you can make multi-colored roses, if you fill them with fillers of different colors. Contrasting vegetables (beets, carrots, potatoes, etc.) can serve as them.

— Instead of chicken fillet, you can use breasts or another part of chicken meat (for example, thigh, leg, bones). But for this, after cooking, it must be removed from the skin and removed from the bone.

— Instead of mayonnaise, the salad can be dressed with natural sour cream.

— In order for the onion to become less burning, it can be poured with boiling water, after which it is squeezed well. In this case, it will not lose its main taste qualities, but it will become less bitter.

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