Festive snack Chicken balls – a recipe for the dish

Chicken breast is dietary meat. But you can cook many wonderful dishes from it. Chicken balls in cream cheese sauce are especially good. Gentle taste and quick preparation from a small number of ingredients is a great option when guests are on the doorstep.

chicken breast – two halves of 250 g each;
onion – 80 g;
egg – 1 pcs.;
cream 10% — 200 ml;
cheese – 115 g;
semolina or bread crumbs – 20 g;
garlic – 15 g;
salt, pepper and herbs as desired.

The process of preparing a salad for the holiday.

Cut the breast into small pieces. The meat can be beaten beforehand and kept in the freezer. Then it will be easier to do it.

Grind the onion with greens in a blender to increase the splendor. If you don’t have a blender, chop it as finely as possible. Put chopped meat, onion, salt and pepper in a deep plate. Beat the egg and do not forget to put semolina or breadcrumbs. When baking then there will be no large gaps.

Mix the prepared mass thoroughly and put it in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. The semolina will steam a little and “grab” the meat. It will be easier to form balls. Place parchment or foil on a baking sheet and form balls there. If there is a special fireproof dish, you can put them right away in it. Balls can be placed close to each other, leaving very small gaps between them. Put the prepared baking sheet in a hot oven for 20 minutes.

At this time, prepare the cream cheese sauce. Grate the cheese on a fine grater, put it in a plate, pour the cream. Mix well. You can add spices to the sauce for spiciness, but this is for the amateur.

After 20 minutes, take out the baking sheet with the semi-finished chicken balls. Do not turn off the oven. Place a spoonful of sauce on top of each chicken ball. The rest of the mixture can be poured between the balls. Put it in the oven for another 20 minutes for further cooking.

During this time, the cheese will melt and run down each mold, and the sauce will thicken slightly. Chicken balls taste great and are very tender. They can be served as a main dish with or without a side dish. Sprinkle with greens and start eating.

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