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In our family, this salad is nicknamed “Anti-crisis”. You can prepare such a salad very quickly, from products that are almost always in the refrigerator.

I like to cook it in the evening, when there is no energy or time for complex dishes. It is also a great way to feed the household leftovers from yesterday’s (the day before yesterday’s) rice.

This dish is more suitable for every day, it is unlikely to be suitable for a festive table. The salad has been “living” in our family for many years, it never gets boring or boring. And during this time I tried with various changes and variations.

– canned fish (I have mackerel in oil) – 1 can;
— onion — 0,5-1 pcs.;
– sauerkraut (can be replaced with pickles) – 100 g;
– green peas – 0,5 cans (you can use white beans, I didn’t have either this time);
— boiled rice – 200 g;
– mayonnaise;
— greens (optional);
– ground pepper.

How to cook fish salad with rice.

Drain the liquid from the can with mackerel. Mash the fish with a fork until smooth.

Finely chop the onion.

We send it to a salad bowl.

Add cooked rice, mix.

We put sauerkraut there. If cucumbers are used instead, cut them not very finely so that there is no porridge.

No need to salt, just pepper. Salt is already enough in fish and cabbage. You can, if available, add some greens.

Mix, season with mayonnaise. That’s all! Not even 15 minutes have passed, and the salad for dinner is ready!

It turns out to be very filling and for me personally it completely replaces a full meal. Well, for my husbands, it’s only to “freeze the worms” so as not to eat while waiting for the main course.

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