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There are quite a lot of recipes and everyone advises how to cook it in their own way, but the concept of the recipe is the same. The only difference between these simple but delicious recipes is the ingredients, as anyone can use any berry.

ice cream – 500 g;
berries – 100 g;
flakes – 300-500 g;
eggs – 2-3 pcs.

How to make fried ice cream.

Take the ice cream that was previously in the freezer and let it cool a little, or rather become a little soft. You can add one berry to each portion of fried ice cream.

Then take a tablespoon and scoop out the ice cream, i.e. one scoop and put the berries in the middle of the ice cream. Next, you need to form a ball from each such lump, and you need to do it quickly, since the ice cream melts very quickly. After forming the balls, put them in the freezer. And why should they be like a stone.

While the ice cream is freezing, you should get the flakes. Then grind them like breadcrumbs. You can do this in any vessel convenient for you.

After that, you need to beat the eggs separately. And for such a recipe, you will definitely need a deep fryer, which must be heated, or rather, the oil in it must be heated to 160-180 degrees. After everything is heated, you should get the ice cream and dip it in the egg first.

And after that in the cereal.

And after 10 minutes, take out the ice cream and send it to the fryer. Fry for a maximum of 30 seconds. The ice cream turns out tasty and tender inside with a fragrant crispy crust on top.

Serve with berries as a dessert. Now you know how to make fried ice cream.

An unusual dessert is fried ice cream.

Fried ice cream has probably been around since around the late 1800s, although its origins are a bit murky. This treat seems impossible, since it involves deep-frying frozen food. Fortunately, the impossible is possible, and the result is really delicious, perfect for dessert, parties and dinner parties. If you have ordered fried ice cream in restaurants, then know that you can prepare exactly the same at home.

The original recipe for Mexican and Asian ice cream has its differences. However, if you are going to make homemade ice cream, the recipe remains the same: a ball of ice cream is dipped in breadcrumbs or dough and fried to a crispy crust.

Despite the fact that Mexican fried ice cream is not actually an authentic dessert from Mexico, it is still associated with Mexican cuisine. Eating homemade ice cream at the end of a meal is truly a wonderful pleasure!

Serve fried ice cream on small toasted tortillas, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, or simply in a chilled dessert glass. Excellent taste is guaranteed at any serving.

As a rule, the recipe uses French vanilla ice cream based on eggs. Eggs give ice cream a rich, creamy taste. Well, you can try to prepare an amazing dessert – fried ice cream at home based on other recipes.

When serving dessert, surprise your guests: pour honey over the ice cream and decorate with whipped cream on top. Get even more inventive — cover a scoop of ice cream with hot chocolate or caramel sauce. In Mexico, caramel sauce is extremely popular and is known as Dulce de Leche.

The homemade fried ice cream recipe has an undeniable advantage: you can prepare the balls “in reserve”. And then, just dip them in breadcrumbs and freeze them individually for up to two months. Plan treats for the holiday in advance and surprise guests with an unusual dessert. Balls hold their shape perfectly, which means you can prepare them in advance – in batches, according to the number of expected guests.

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